Friday, January 25, 2013

I am so excited about my new found energy to create, brew, cook, blend, store and can food. Today I found myself organizing and cleaning and brewing and cooking with no regards for time. At some point I will share some recipes and tips as to how to maintaining a sustainable house hold.

The snow is nice but I really miss the green leaves and the bumble bees. So as soon as the single digit temperatures subside I will start some seed beds. I may even take a trip to the garden center to purchase some grow lights for my basement. I'm not sure what my 12X20 hoop house temperature is right now but I will need to get a thermometer for future business. Well off to my Kumbucha and 'The Dirty Life" a memoir of a journalist and her farm experiences. Oh I meant to share that I am reading some really good books about the farm life and I loving it. Next winter I will be prepared for this natural retreat to repair, restore and renew for the days to come through sustainable means.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
I enjoy having a day of rest. I so am grateful for the time off to order seeds, evaluate my farm plan and thank my ancestors while doing it. Even though the holiday is name MLK day I use this as another opportunity to be grateful for those that came before me. I am almost sure that one of the many reasons black folk are not farming any more is because of the early association with agriculture and slavery. Yes I am clear that is only one of many reasons as to why most of them stop farming.

I see freedom in this new farm venture. I see a way for me to be sustaining, healthy and infinite in possibilities. I will be sharing my evening with some like minded homesteaders who will also use this day to reflect on freedom, fairness and love. My ancestors were some of the greatest growers in the entire world and I am excited to continue their agriculture legacy. Thank you Dr. King for being courageous enough to share your dream, I hope I am making you proud.

"We were here before the mighty words of the Declaration of Independence were etched across the pages of history. Our forebears labored without wages. They made cotton 'king'. And yet out of a bottomless vitality, they continued to thrive and develop. If the cruelties of slavery could not stop us, the opposition we now face will surely fail... Because the goal of America is freedom, abused and scorned tho' we may be, our destiny is tied up with America's destiny."
- Martin Luther King, Jr., "Letter from Birmingham Jail"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The journey of an urban farmer

Greetings in the spirit of peace!
I have been contemplating blogging for years and I  have finally come to the conclusion that I should just do it. For one it will allow me to keep a real life timeline as to what I am doing and how it could possibly tie into what is happening in the world around me. Second, people can also learn and grow from reading posts, as I have done in the past. Last, so that I can find my voice in this sustainability, food justice, urban farming, homesteading movement. I am sure I will create something that is cute, fun and prosperous but most importantly something that will help me to validate my journey as an Urban Farmer.
I have avoided these types of public posts because I have been fearful of loosing friends and loved ones, but I am past that now! I am approaching 40 and I'm not as concerned about what others think of me and my journey as I use to be. I am hoping to create an honest platform for my daughter and others to follow and possibly use in their own personal journeys. So you will find my posts lovingly honest, cute, amazing and insightful. I am excited and this is a step into my homesteading journey. Peace~