Tuesday, May 20, 2014

North East Ohio City Farming

Each year I get a closer peek at what mother nature gifts us seasonally. I have discovered all sorts of wild edibles, plants, birds and bugs that I had never seen or noticed before. Within the last year I purchased a few books and articles that focused on my zone and area. So far NE Ohio has got my mental wheels turning about her chilly mornings and some evenings because I have to tend to the farmstead. With all of that I will find a way to adjust to all things natural in NE Ohio.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Laws of Attaraction and Urban Farming

As many of you may already know that I am very spiritual. In my spiritual maturity it has brought me closer to my purpose, farming. This farming can be viewed as living sustainably, being green or even homesteading in the city. Either way, I am drawn to the idea that I can manage and care for my family and my community.

I have been worried and stressed about, lawnmowers, volunteers, tools, money, my roof, the groundhogs, rabbits, deer and my maternal family members. All of the worries have manifested into aches in pains mentally and physically. So now I have to find those other things to pull me up and out of those unwanted desires because farming with a sore body is very depressing. I have been listening to Esther Hicks CD's and Youtube posts to remind me that no matter what the desire and wanting is I am a deliberate creator. And if I want to create a life of peace, joy and bliss then I need to change the way I feel to get what I want. So there you have it. Choose to dream big. Focus the energy on all the positives and the universe will delivery.

So now I will retail the story:
I am so grateful for the green contrast that my city provides with cleared lots and wild edibles. The animal life present are meer signs that life is returning and being restored to a healthy habitat. My close friends and family members are in awe of my accomplishments and are eager to participate at their own time and pace. The farm, my home and my community has all the resources that it  needs to be a successful and my ancestors are dancing in their spirit world with praise and support. I have the physical and mental capacity to restore the soil, plant crops, educate the community, create a sustainable life and be the change that I seek.

That is the best explanation for this subject and I where I am and that place is now, good.

Happy Spring!
Prunella Vulgaris/ Heal All

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Spring 2014!
I know I have been MIA but I have been working toward becoming a fulltime farmer. I've had the greatest experiences a new farmer could possibly have!  I resigned as the lead farmer to Turning Point Residential June 2013. I currently am Americorps VISTA serving with Youngstown Neighborhood Development. My service ends June 27, 2014! I had garden kitchen cooking classes with Goodness Grows. Took a Maps and Apps class with Mahoning County Extension. Spoke at PASA with executive director to Goodness Grows, Greg Bowman. Spoke at Raising Richland in Mansfield, Ohio with the subject Growing Hope. I made a few news worthy events related to urban agriculture. Completed a 7 week business class, Bright Idea To Business. This class was designed for people who are planning or have already started a food based business in Youngstown. There are so many other events and accomplishments that I have not mentioned but whats important is that I am still farming. I have been so busy with everything else that I am behind with starting seeds and planting my starts. I have so much to share but for now I am going to use this Mothers day weekend to reconnect with my farm, daughter, house duties and my personal well being. I will officially be farming %100 June 29, 2014!! Know Your Food Know Your Farmer! Urban Homesteading!

Growing Hope <----Check out this Youtube presentation!

These are random pictures of all of my joyous farming experiences. Food connects us to more than just the soil! Grow where you are!

Lady Buggs