Thursday, May 4, 2017

City Girl With Country Living Dreams

Today is rainy and chilly but not too chilly to get out and do some work. It's actually a great time to weed and start some seeds but I have a mental block and I'm being stagnant. I have emails, meetings, groceries and a teenager to take shopping. I'm asking my ancestors and spirit guides to send me a message of hope. The good thing is that the land will still be there waiting for me to decide. I'm taking the path of least resistance by staying in and taking it easy. Happy Spring !

Spring 2017

Here I am again. Its been another spring and I am behind in everything from starting seeds to clearing brush, weeding and planting. These last couple of years have been spent trying to formulate a happy balance between urban farming and spiritual consulting. Im so good at everything that I want to do it all but then find myself back at this point, behind. This year I am rethinking how sustainability really looks for me and my family. Documenting my efforts will hopefully keep me focused on whats really important. I look forward to sharing more and creating more avenues that will keep me farming and sane. Happy Spring.