Thursday, May 4, 2017

City Girl With Country Living Dreams

Today is rainy and chilly but not too chilly to get out and do some work. It's actually a great time to weed and start some seeds but I have a mental block and I'm being stagnant. I have emails, meetings, groceries and a teenager to take shopping. I'm asking my ancestors and spirit guides to send me a message of hope. The good thing is that the land will still be there waiting for me to decide. I'm taking the path of least resistance by staying in and taking it easy. Happy Spring !

Spring 2017

Here I am again. Its been another spring and I am behind in everything from starting seeds to clearing brush, weeding and planting. These last couple of years have been spent trying to formulate a happy balance between urban farming and spiritual consulting. Im so good at everything that I want to do it all but then find myself back at this point, behind. This year I am rethinking how sustainability really looks for me and my family. Documenting my efforts will hopefully keep me focused on whats really important. I look forward to sharing more and creating more avenues that will keep me farming and sane. Happy Spring.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm Still Farming

It has been a whole lot that has happened since the last time I made a post. Not only have I gone full time, as in self employed but I have also signed a leasing agreement for the land with The Mahoning County Land Bank, set up at the Idora Neighborhood Farmers Market and North Side Farmers market, took out a small business loan with YNDC to create an indoor growing system for microgreens and seed starts, went to the Black Urban Growers Conference in Detroit, started teaching cooking classes for Resource Mothers, participated in the OH WOW STEM to Table event with fermented veggies, applied for a hoop house with EQIPT, had a farm tour in August in partnership with Women Farm Ohio, made the 100 Faces Of Women Farmers of Ohio, presented 2 cooking shows on WFMJ, got a contract to do the Garden Club at East High School, was on a panel to discuss Marketing at the Trumbel County Mini Farm Conference, recorded my story with Jay from Jackson Maters for Voices of the Valley StoryCorps at the McDonough Museum of Art, joined both Common Wealth and Treez Please board of directors and now preparing to present at both Oberlin College and at Franklin Park Conservatory on the subject of urban agriculture as it relates to people of color, neighborhoods without access to fresh foods and joy. I told you that was a lot. I am sure I left out other partnerships and events but I plan to better with posting as life happens in the world of Lady Buggs. Happy Spring!

This photo was taken at DTown Farm in Detroit at the BUGS Conference. I was giving a little talk about wild edibles and urban foraging.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sustainable Living Post #1 Summer Slostice 2014

It has been brought to my attention, by my own feelings, that doing things in my own time and efficiancy with small work challenges are better for my body than rushing to show the world that I can homestead over night. I have so many tasks on my plate. I will be able to achieve a bit of relief when I at least acknowledge that my way of doing things is just fine, that I no longer have to do it exactly the way I was taught but do it in a similar fashion that works for me.  Was that a run on? Lol So I thought I would share a post that has been flotting around social media that I feel  supports this way of sustainable living.
I must remember that I am farming for joy and balance and peace of mind. I trust that this helped someone the way it has helped me. Happy Summer Solstice!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Transitioning from job to joy!

Today has been a day of hope. Hope the day goes by good. Hope I can deliver more flyer's for the new market and hope that it will rain on my baby plants on the farm. Hope I will have the energy to work on my own farm after leaving my current job for today. Even though I am doing what I enjoy it's still work that requires energy. I feel so guilty sitting on the porch just observing the plants. So I am going to need to create a new work flow for transitioning from one type of job to a home business of joy.

1. Create To Do Lists
 A. They will help you stay organized.
2. Create Time Schedules
 A. They will help your tasks to be efficient.
 B. Be In Bed By 9:30 PM!
3. Meditation Before & At The Your Day/ You Time
 A. Your time will keep you focused and centered.
4. Stick To The Schedule
 A. Scheduled routines will become habits which will keep you organized, prepared and ready for   
 community guest that will stop by the farm
5. Chant this daily: "I am a farmer and I love what I am doing".

I am going to take my own advice. I am giving it at least 21 days. I am sure I will have gained some new good habits, happier plants, rest and a healthier me. Happy transitioning!

Transplants in care unit. "Please Plant Me"!

Transplants in care unit. "Please Plant Me"!

Transplants in care unit. "Please Plant Me"!

Transplants in care unit. "Please Plant Me"!

12X20 Hoop House. The soil still needs clearing of rocks. "Please Plant In Me"!

Mulberry Tree

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

North East Ohio City Farming

Each year I get a closer peek at what mother nature gifts us seasonally. I have discovered all sorts of wild edibles, plants, birds and bugs that I had never seen or noticed before. Within the last year I purchased a few books and articles that focused on my zone and area. So far NE Ohio has got my mental wheels turning about her chilly mornings and some evenings because I have to tend to the farmstead. With all of that I will find a way to adjust to all things natural in NE Ohio.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Laws of Attaraction and Urban Farming

As many of you may already know that I am very spiritual. In my spiritual maturity it has brought me closer to my purpose, farming. This farming can be viewed as living sustainably, being green or even homesteading in the city. Either way, I am drawn to the idea that I can manage and care for my family and my community.

I have been worried and stressed about, lawnmowers, volunteers, tools, money, my roof, the groundhogs, rabbits, deer and my maternal family members. All of the worries have manifested into aches in pains mentally and physically. So now I have to find those other things to pull me up and out of those unwanted desires because farming with a sore body is very depressing. I have been listening to Esther Hicks CD's and Youtube posts to remind me that no matter what the desire and wanting is I am a deliberate creator. And if I want to create a life of peace, joy and bliss then I need to change the way I feel to get what I want. So there you have it. Choose to dream big. Focus the energy on all the positives and the universe will delivery.

So now I will retail the story:
I am so grateful for the green contrast that my city provides with cleared lots and wild edibles. The animal life present are meer signs that life is returning and being restored to a healthy habitat. My close friends and family members are in awe of my accomplishments and are eager to participate at their own time and pace. The farm, my home and my community has all the resources that it  needs to be a successful and my ancestors are dancing in their spirit world with praise and support. I have the physical and mental capacity to restore the soil, plant crops, educate the community, create a sustainable life and be the change that I seek.

That is the best explanation for this subject and I where I am and that place is now, good.

Happy Spring!
Prunella Vulgaris/ Heal All