Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm Still Farming

It has been a whole lot that has happened since the last time I made a post. Not only have I gone full time, as in self employed but I have also signed a leasing agreement for the land with The Mahoning County Land Bank, set up at the Idora Neighborhood Farmers Market and North Side Farmers market, took out a small business loan with YNDC to create an indoor growing system for microgreens and seed starts, went to the Black Urban Growers Conference in Detroit, started teaching cooking classes for Resource Mothers, participated in the OH WOW STEM to Table event with fermented veggies, applied for a hoop house with EQIPT, had a farm tour in August in partnership with Women Farm Ohio, made the 100 Faces Of Women Farmers of Ohio, presented 2 cooking shows on WFMJ, got a contract to do the Garden Club at East High School, was on a panel to discuss Marketing at the Trumbel County Mini Farm Conference, recorded my story with Jay from Jackson Maters for Voices of the Valley StoryCorps at the McDonough Museum of Art, joined both Common Wealth and Treez Please board of directors and now preparing to present at both Oberlin College and at Franklin Park Conservatory on the subject of urban agriculture as it relates to people of color, neighborhoods without access to fresh foods and joy. I told you that was a lot. I am sure I left out other partnerships and events but I plan to better with posting as life happens in the world of Lady Buggs. Happy Spring!

This photo was taken at DTown Farm in Detroit at the BUGS Conference. I was giving a little talk about wild edibles and urban foraging.

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